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  • South Korea South Korea
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Body Lotion Patented Product
Capacity: 50g

Phytoncide, one of the elements from green life that promotes health, soothes sensitive skin. This product, which contains Potassium, Calcium, and other minerals, can freshen and tighten facial skin. Also, This pine cleansing foam can wash away bodily waste without causing skin troubles and make you feel refreshed.


  • Phytoncide, deep ocean water, red clay water, and allantoin are used to produce this lotion.


• Phytoncide
Phytoncide means the natural antibiotic substance that trees and plants radiate into the air to protect themselves from the harmful insects or micro-organism. 
It is a compound Greek word for ‘Plant’(Phyton) and ‘kill’(Cide) that it is a name for entire sterilization substance from the plants. Most widely known method to assess Phytoncide is to visit dense forest and take the forest bath.

• Forest Bath
Taking a walk in the dense forest, breathing in or exposing the skin into the fresh air with phytoncide volatilized from the forest will clarify and balance the body and mind.
It refreshes bodies and minds, brings composure, and is very good for health. It strengthens functions of hearts and lungs and helps cure asthma and tuberculosis.

• Forest Bath Effect
The refreshing scent of the Phytoncides stimulates the central nervous system to relieve tension and stabilize body and mind in the workplace.
The scent of the phytoncides and their excellent antimicrobial effects interact to strengthen human body’s natural healing capacity, and to help cells in the lymphocytes to work as effciently as possible the body.
Also it can contribute to the activation of NK cells that selectly attack cancer cells thus helping to fight against cancer. 

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