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* Patend fermentation technology

-  Red Clay, Pine Needles, Mugwort, Houttuynia cordata, a kind of rhododendron, are mixed into deep ocean water, then aged in proper  temperature for the perpect period of time.
-  The liquid extracted from solid matters is steamed along with pine needles.
-  The steamed filtered liquid may be used as liquid cosmetic material.
-  Following such techniques, the materials, together with infrared radiation of red clay and sterilization of pine trees, can be used to manufacture herbal-medicinal cosmetics, that protect  and moisturize the skin.
-  According to clinical demonstrations, cosmetics containing herb medicines do not have any side effects that cause skin trouble, but will soothe the skin.
-  Solnaum cosmetics are produced by the original sum through fermentation.


Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameSuan Cosmatics Co., Ltd.
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2008
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Mongolia
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentKyung yong, Um
  • Phone+82-33-653-4600
  • FAX+82-33-653-4722
  • Address#301, 641-22 Saimdang-ro , Gangneong-si Gangwon-Do
  • Product Category Beauty & Personal Care > Skin Care
    Beauty & Personal Care > Skin Care > Other Skin Care

Additional Introduction


Phytoncide means the natural antibiotic substance that trees and plants radiate into the air to protect themselves from the harmful  insects  or micro-organism. It  is a compound Greek word for ‘Plant’(Phyton) and ‘kill’(Cide) that  it is a name for entire sterilization  substance  from  the  plants.  Most  widely  known method  to  assess. Phytoncide is to visit dense forest and take the forest bath.

Forest Bath
Taking a walk in the dense forest, breathing in  or exposing the skin into the fresh air with phytoncide volatilized from the forest will clarify and balance the body and mind. It refreshes bodies and minds, brings composure, and is very good for health. It strengthens functions of hearts and lungs and helps cure asthma and tuberculosis. 
Forest Bath Effect
The  refreshing  scent  of  the Phytoncides  stimulates the central nervous system to relieve  tension  and stabilize  body and mind  in  the  workplace. The scent of the phytoncides  and their  excellent antimicrobial  effects interact to strengthen human body’s  natural  healing  capacity, and  to  help  cells in the lymphocytes to work as efficiently as possible the body.  Also it can contribute to the activation of NK cells that  selectively  attack cancer cells thus helping to fight against cancer.

Phytoncide effect
Though  phytoncide  kills  insects, germ and bacteria, it gives human lot of benefit. Phytoncide, natural antimicrobial  matter, is miraculous  matter  that  makes clear of wearied  body  and mind due to pollution and  stress  and  increases human body  immunity and natural cure.
 - Relief stress
 - Powerful anti-microbial act
 - Elating effect and neutralizing toxic material  
 - Sedation and fresh effect
 - Improving allergy and skin trouble      
 - Enhancing immunity

Deep ocean water effect
The  deep  ocean water  has the  ingredients. if  drinking for a long time, the ingredients of minerals can accelerate  the circulation of blood, enhance immunity and improve health, which is the most precious natural new resource. A Japanese report published by  the National Oceanographic  Data  Center, suggests that sea water is an effective treatment for atopic dermatitis. The sea water provides itching 
and burning relief to those with this type of eczema.

Red clay Jijangsu
Red clay Jijangsu has excellent detoxifying qualities and also contains the element of silicon, which is needed in the human body.

This herb has been used to cure disease in Asia since long ago. It is effective in killing germs and useful for curing athlete’s foot and eczema.